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Cardinal Gracias inaugurates Catholic Council of India meet on Vatican II

November 15, 2013 - Indian Cardinal Oswald Gracias has inaugurated the 12th general body meeting of the Catholic Council of India (CCI) to discuss the Second Vatican Council. The Nov 14-17, 2013 meeting is taking place at the Nav Sadhana Pastoral Centre in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, on the theme “Renewed Church according to Vatican II”. “The Second Vatican Council had a clear direction for the Church in India. In the Council, the Church made a self-reflection and decision to renew Herself,” noted the Cardinal, who is president of CCI as well as of the Catholic Bishops Conference of India, CBCI, the apex body of the Catholic Church in India. Besides deliberating on how far the renewal as envisaged by Vatican II has taken place in India, participants will also address specific themes such as Church’s concern for the poor, the role of the laity and dialogue with religions in the Indian context. Dubbed as the pastoral council of the Indian Church, the Catholic Council of India (CCI) was established by the CBCI on jan. 12, 1993. With representatives of bishops, priests, religious and laity as members, the body is a sign of unity and mission of the Church in our country. (Source: CBCI)


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