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Prayer of the Humble man is the weakness of God: Pope Francis

Vatican City, 16 Nov 2013: Prayer of man is the weakness of God, said Pope Francis in his homily during Mass he celebrated on Saturday morning at Casa Santa Marta in the Vatican. Among the concelebrants, was Cardinal Angelo Comastri, archpriest of St. Peter's Basilica, and present at Mass were the canons of the Chapter of St. Peter's Basilica.

Focusing on the day’s gospel where Jesus invites us to pray unceasingly, after the example of a widow who got justice from an unjust judge because she was relentless in her pursuit, the Pope said "God does and will do justice to his elect, who cry day and night unto Him". An example to this was the case of Israelites led by Moses out of Egypt.

God tells Moses that he heard the cry of his people, and for them, the Red Sea became a road without obstacles. The Lord, continued the Pope, heard the prayers of his people, and felt in his heart that the suffering of his elect" and saved them.

"This is the power of God And what is the strength of men, asked Pope Francis, adding Man's strength is prayer and the prayer of the humble man is the weakness of God.

The culmination of the power of God, the salvation of God, said the Pope, is in the incarnation of the Word. Then, turning to the canons of St. Peter the Pope said: remember, your "work is just knocking at the heart of God" "pray to the Lord for the people of God."

"You are like the widow, the Pope told them; knock on the heart of God, every day. And the Lord hears the prayers of his people. You are privileged representatives of the people of God in this role to pray to the Lord for the many needs of the Church, of humanity, of all. Let us always remember that God has a strength to change everything, concluded Pope Francis.Source: VR Sedoc


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