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Sardinia Cyclone: State of Emergency declared

(Vatican Radio) Italian authorities have declared a state of emergency on the island of Sardinia after a Cyclone killed 17 people and caused widespread flooding.
Cyclone Cleopatra tore through the island leaving death and destruction in its wake. The force of the storm caused rivers to burst their banks and cars were swept away.
Among those who lost their lives as a result of this disaster were two children, a Brazilian family of four and a police officer, while many people have been left homeless due to flood damage.

One of the worst hit areas was the town of Olbia in the northeast of the island which saw severe flooding leaving bridges in a state of collapse.

The Mayor Gianni Giovanelli said houses across the area had been left half submerged by the floods and rescuers were still searching for possible victims.

Italian authorities have declared a State of Emergency. Prime Minister Enrico Letta, speaking on Italian Radio said this would permit rapid intervention and to make available the extra resources needed to deal with the areas devastated last. Calling what had happened a national tragedy Mr Letta also said the government was allocating 20 million euro for relief efforts. Listen to Lydia O'Kane's report RealAudioMP3


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