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Northern Ireland's conflict era prosecutions under the spotlight

(Vatican Radio) Northern Ireland's attorney general has said there should be an end to prosecutions for all deaths caused by paramilitaries, police or the Army during the period of the conflict there.
John Larkin said there should be no further police investigations, inquests or inquiries into any relevant killings that took place before the signing of the Good Friday Agreement in 1998.
But he added, the proposal was not a formal amnesty.
Lydia O’Kane spoke to Robin Wilson, Belfast based Lead Editor of online publication Open Security about the Attorney General comments.
He says, “there’s an obvious legal principal which is at stake here which is non- discrimination and it’s difficult to see how one can say to a victim of a politically motivated assault before 1998 that they should be entitled to a lesser justice than someone who was the victim of a common assault before 1998”
Over the 30 years of Northern Ireland’s trouble over 3,500 people were killed. RealAudioMP3


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