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Catholic Church in Malawi calls upon Government to take Measures against Corruption

The Secretary General of the Commission for Justice and Peace of the Episcopal Conference of Malawi, Chris Chisoni, has called upon the country’s government to do everything possible to clean up politics and administration in order to regain the confidence of international donors whose aid is needed to alleviate the suffering of the population. He made call at the weekend in a press conference in the capital, Lilongwe. He said the Church cannot just sit and watch some of the challenges Malawians are facing now especially with regard to corruption which has become rampant in government circles. The European Union, Britain, Norway and the African Development Bank suspended aid recently following the discovery of misappropriation of state funds including aid by senior government officials. It is estimated that at least 185US million dollars have were stolen by state officials. So far, fifty officials have been arrested, including the Minister of Justice, Ralph Kasambara. Mr. Chisoni called upon government to arrest all those involved in the scandal. He appealed to donors to lift the suspension of aid because it has had serious social consequences, including food shortages in certain areas of the Country and an increase in school drop- outs.
In another development, the new archbishop of Lilongwe, His Grace Tarsizius Ziyaye, has urged the Catholic community not to maintain the faith. He made the call on Saturday during the Mass for closing the year of faith. He said closing the year of faith should not mean an end to active involvement in practicing the teachings of Jesus Christ. It should rather give the faithful an opportunity to continually feed and water the seed of faith that they have received so that it can grow richly and bear good fruits.
Still in Malawi, the Episcopal Conference of Malawi through its Catholic Education Commission has expressed satisfaction with the exceptional examination performance of Catholic Schools in the country. According to the Programmes Coordinator of the Education Commission, Steven Ndhlovu, most students in Catholic schools have been passing very well primary and secondary school examinations. He said the commission was particularly pleased with last year’s results from the Catholics girls' secondary schools especially, at this time, when girls' access to education is seriously compromised due to a number of factors.


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