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Pope Francis says thank you to all the volunteers during the year of Faith

On Sunday morning, just as the world waited to celebrated the closing of the year of faith with Pope Francis, the Holy Father received in audience the Year of Faith volunteers in the Clementina Hall of the Vatican Apostolic Palace.
“The Year of Faith …was a providential opportunity for believers to rekindle the flame of faith, that flame that was given to us on the day of baptism,” Pope Francis told them. “In this time of grace, we were able to rediscover the essence of the Christian way, in which faith, together with charity, occupies the primary place,” he said, adding that “Faith, is truly the cornerstone of the Christian experience because it motivates the choices and actions of our daily lives.” The Holy Father told the volunteers that their service during the various events of the Year of Faith gave them the opportunity to better understand the excitement experienced by those involved.
He told them that the experience they have gained in the Year of Faith helps them, to open themselves and their communities to encounter others people, above all, those most lacking faith and hope in their lives. He concluded saying that there are many people who are in need of a human gesture, a smile, a word of truth , and a witness through which they can apprehend the closeness of Jesus Christ. Do not deny anyone this sign of love and tenderness that comes from faith”, he said.


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