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Christian-Muslim dialogue making progress in Pakistan

(Vatican Radio) How is interfaith dialogue helping to ease tensions between members of different religious communities? How easy is it to find common ground with believers of other faith traditions? And what role does the state play in guaranteeing full religious freedom for all members of multi-faith societies?
These questions were on the agenda at a plenary meeting of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue which took place here in the Vatican this week, with the participation of Catholic leaders from all over the world.
Meeting with the group on Thursday, at the conclusion of the four day encounter, Pope Francis reiterated his belief that "an attitude of openness in truth and love must prevail in dialogue with believers of non-Christian religions, despite the various obstacles and difficulties, particularly fundamentalism on both sides."

Among the Asian leaders attending the meeting was the newly appointed Archbishop of Lahore in Pakistan Sebastian Shaw. He told Philippa Hitchen that despite the many difficulties facing Christians in his country, interfaith dialogue is slowly improving relations with the majority Muslim community....

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