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Catholic Nuns in Zimbabwe initiate Herbal Medicine Project

Reports from Zimbabwe say Catholic nuns in Domboshava have taken the initiative to promote the use of herbal medicine in the country. The nuns belong to congregation known as the Little Children of our Blessed Lady. They recently opened a herbal processing plant at Makumbi Mission built at a cost of 20,000 US dollars with the assistance of the US embassy and other partners. They grow, harvest, process and do the packaging of the herbal plants. One of them Sr. Yullita Chirawu told a reporter that the project was started when one of their members realized that many people were dying with prescriptions in their hands due to shortage of drugs and others due to financial limitations. She added that most of the herbs were taken as tea and vegetables. The sisters are assisted by volunteers who help in the cultivation of the herbs. Since 2006, they have recorded notable success in reaching out to many poor people who cannot afford the cost to western medicine.


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