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Troops loyal to ousted President Francois Bozzize attack the capital of the Central African Republic

Reports from the Central African Republic say troops loyal to the ousted president François Bozzize attacked the capital, Bangui, on Thursday morning and fought battles with Seleka troops in which 16 people were killed. By mid-day Seleka forces had regained control of the capital. The attack came as the United nations Security Council was preparing to debate a resolution authorizing the deployment of French troops in the country to back the African Union peacekeeping force. Mr. Bozzize was overthrown in March this year by Seleka rebels, but since then the rebels have terrorized the civilian population, looting property, killing and raping women and girls. Majority of the rebels are Moslems from the northern part of the country and others are mercenaries from Chad and Sudan. The President, Michel Djotodia, a Moslem himself, has officially disbanded some of the rebels and integrated others into the army. However, the disbanded group has continued to menace the general public, forcing Christians to form self-defense militias groups to protect their areas.


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