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Pope’s Message for the World Day of the Sick 2014

Vatican City, 7 December 2013: The Church sees in the sick people, a special presence of the suffering Christ. When the Son of God has gone up on the cross, he has destroyed the solitude of suffering and has illuminated the darkness. Pope Francis made these comments in his message for the XXII World Day of the Sick 2014, which has the theme Faith and charity: "We too must give our lives for the brethren". Focusing on the sick, caregivers and volunteers, the Pope said: we are placed in this way before the mystery of God's love for us, that gives us hope and courage, hope, because in the loving plan of God even on the night of pain is open to the light of Easter, and courage to face each adversity united to Him.

The Son of God made man has not taken away disease and suffering from human beings, said the Pontiff, adding, but, taking them on himself, he has transformed them, and that they no longer have the last word. In union with Christ we can become positive from negative. Jesus is the way, and with His Spirit, we can follow him. We too can love others as God has loved us, giving our lives for our brothers. Faith in the Crucified Christ becomes strength to love even our enemies till the end. The test of true faith in Christ is the gift of self to spread the love for one's neighbor, especially for those who do not deserve, those who suffer, for those who are marginalized.

By virtue of Baptism and Confirmation we are called to be conformed to Christ, the Good Samaritan of all the suffering. "In this we know love, in the fact that he gave his life for us: and we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren". When we approach with tenderness to those who are in need of care, we bring hope and a smile of God in the contradictions of the world. When the dedication and generosity towards others becomes the style of our actions, we make space to the Heart of Christ and thus offering our contribution to the advent of the Kingdom of God.

To grow in tenderness, charity and sensitivity, we have a model before us - the Mother of Jesus and our Mother. Driven by the divine mercy, she forgets herself and walks quickly to see her cousin Elizabeth; intercedes with her Son at the wedding at Cana, and with fortitude remains at the foot of the Cross of Jesus. We have confident recourse to her, and she will assist us. She remains next to crosses and accompanies us on our journey towards the resurrection and full life.

St. John, the disciple who was with Mary at the foot of the Cross, takes us back to the sources of faith and charity, to the heart of God who "is love", and reminds us that we cannot love God if you do not love our brethren. He stands beneath the Cross with Mary, learn to love like Jesus, is the certainty of the faithful love of God for us. A great love that enters into our sin and forgives them, enters into our suffering and gives us the strength to carry it, enters into death in order to win and save us. The Cross of Christ invites you to leave infected by this love, teaches us to look at each other with mercy and love, especially those who suffer, those who need help, concluded the Pope.
Source: VR Sedoc


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