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Thw Catholic Bishops of Guinea Bissau call for a Day of Prayer for Peace in the Country

The Bishop of the Catholic diocese of Bissau in Guinea Bissau, Josè Camnate and the Catholic bishop of Bafata in the same country, Pedro Zilli, have invited the faithful to a day of fasting and of prayer for peace to be observed this coming Friday, December 13th. In a statement sent to Catholic media the bishops called upon Catholic to pray steadfastly for peace and Justice in Guinea Bissau, saying only the intervention of God can bring order into the country. Guinea-Bissau has not had peace since independence from Portugal in 1974. Since then it has experienced four coup d’états and several coup attempts. Thousands of people were killed and property was destroyed in these coups. The lack of political stability caused by the army is responsible for much of the underdevelopment the country is experiencing today.


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