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Pope Francis receives new Ambassadors accredited to the Holy See

On Thursday, Pope Francis received in audience 17 new ambassadors accredited to the Holy See. Eight of them are from Africa and are Boudejemâa Delmi of Algeria, Lineo Lydia Khechane-Ntoane of Lesotho, Ibrahim Sorie of Sierra Leone, Emanuel Antero Garcia da Veiga of Capo Verde, Edouard Bizimana of Burundi, Paul William Lumbi of Zambia, Eric Yemdaogo Tiare of Burkina Faso and Marcel Tibaleka of Uganda. The others were from Iceland, Denmark, Palestine, Malta, Sweden, Pakistan, Norway, Kuwait, and Jordan. In his address to them, the Pope focused his remarks on the scourge of human trafficking which he denounced as a practice equivalent to slavery and a crime against humanity. Chris Altieri reports. RealAudioMP3


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