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Bishop of Homs in Syria appeals for the release of 12 nuns abducted by Islamic militants

The Orthodox Metropolitan Bishop of Homs and Hama in Syria, the Rt. Rev. Selwanos Boutros Alnemeh, has appealed to the group of fighters who abducted nuns from a convent in Maalula last week to release them. The bishop made the appeal a few days ago while speaking to the international Catholic pastoral charity, Aid to the Church in Need. Twelve nuns belonging to the Convent of Saint Thekla of Maalula are believed to have been abducted by Islamic militants who are fighting the Syrian government. The television network, Al Jazeera, broadcast footage of their images in which they made statements that they had been detained. Bishop Selwanos stressed that the nuns had nothing to do with politics and had dedicated their lives exclusively to prayer and works of charity. They had welcomed into their convents hundreds of refugees who were fleeing war, majority of whom were Muslims.


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