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Pope says without prophecy Church ends up in clericalism

December 16, 2013 - When there is lack of prophecy in the Church, the very life of God is lacking in the People of God, giving way to clericalism. Pope Francis made the remark in his homily at Mass, Monday morning, in the chapel of the Casa Santa Marta residence in the Vatican. Commenting on the Mass readings, the Pope said the prophet is one who listens to the words of God, reads the spirit of the times and knows how to move forward towards the future. True prophets, the Pope said, hold within themselves three different moments: past, present, and future. They keep the promise of God alive, they see the suffering of their people, and they bring us the strength to look ahead. The Holy Father explained that God takes care of his people by giving them prophets in the hardest times, in the midst of their worst suffering. But when there is no spirit of prophecy amongst the people of God, we fall into the trap of clericalism. When in the people of God there is no prophecy, the void is filled up with clericalism: and it is this clericalism that challenges Jesus in Mathews’ Gospel: “By what authority are you doing these things? By which law?” And when clericalism has absolute rule, Pope Francis said, the words of God are sorely missed, and true believers weep because they cannot find the Lord. Hence all memory of the past and hope for the future are reduced only to the present: no past promise, no hopeful future. The present become the law. In preparation of Christmas, Pope Francis reminded believers that all those who are baptized are prophets. “Let us not forget God’s promise. Let us not tire of moving forward,” he urged.


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