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Local Leaders from Northern Uganda travel to the Central african Republic to encourage rebel fighters to defect from the Lord's Resistance Army

A delegation of ten religious, cultural and opinion leaders from northern Uganda travelled a few days ago to the areas affected by the rebels of the Lord’s Resistance Army in the Central African Republic to encourage more rebel fighters to defect and to receive those who are willing to surrender. The leaders include the Acholi paramount chief, Onen David Rwot Achana, Sheik Musa Khelil the vice chairperson of the Acholi Religious Leaders Peace Initiative, retired Anglican Bishop Baker Ochola, and the leader of Uganda’s Democratic party, Norbert Mao. The visit was organized by a nongovernmental organization, Invisible Children, as part of its campaign code-named Come Home. Under the campaign, the organization is circulating messages encouraging rebel fighters to abandon rebellion. The visit by the local leaders comes after a recent defection of 19 fighters. An official of Invisible Children, Grace Okot, lamented that some communities currently targeted by the Lord’s Resistance Army perceive Uganda as a society of people who are indifferent to their suffering, and as a result, they associate Ugandans with the atrocities committed by the Lord’s Resistance Army. She said the visit by the local leaders would demonstrate solidarity with these people.


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