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African Union troops in the Central African Republic open Fire at Demonstrators

Reports from the Central African Republic say Chadian troops serving in the African Union mission opened fire at demonstrators at Bangui airport killing one person. The Chancellor of Bangui catholic Archdiocese, Fr. Dieu-Beni Mbanga, told Fides Catholic News Agency that the protestors gathered at the entrance of the airport demanding the resignation of President Michel Djotodia and the withdrawal of Chadian troops from the country. He said tension was high especially in the suburbs of Bangui where Christian self-defense militias continued to fight Moslem youth every day. Meanwhile, French troops killed three Seleka soldiers at the weekend during a disarmament exercise. Seleka rebels overthrew the government of the Central African republic in March this year and started unleashing terror on the civilian population. Many of the rebels are Moslems from the north of the country and from neighbouring Chad and Sudan. They have been looting, killing civilians, raping women and girls and desecrating Christian places of worship.


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