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Authorities in Cameroon express concern over Nigerian Refugees crossing into the Country

Authorities in Cameroon have expressed concerns regarding refugees from Nigeria who are escaping fighting between Nigerian government forces and Boko Haram Islamic militants. Thousands of refugees have crossed from northern Nigeria to Cameroon, but have refused to go to stay in refugee camps and are now living with relatives and friends in villages near the border. Cameroonian officials said the presence of thousands of refugees living outside the camp is a security threat because some could be Boko Haram fighters. Last week 100 refugees who had refused to stay in the camp were arrested but as they were being escorted to the border by the police, the police vehicles were attacked by suspected Boko Haram gunmen who killed five people. Local authorities warned Cameroonian nationals living near the border with Nigeria not to shelter anybody without knowledge of the police. The government of Cameroon has deployed hundreds of soldiers along the border to control the situation.


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