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Catholic leaders in Malawi call upon Catholics to play a more active role in Politics

The Catholic Parliamentary Liaison Office of the Catholic Bishops of Malawi has called upon Catholics in the country to play an active role in the various sectors of the country’s life especially in politics. The Head of the office Fr. Henry Chinkanda, said a few days ago that very few Catholics are willing to participate in politics. The parliament of Malawi has 193 elected members . Of these only 30 are Catholic. A recent survey showed that many Catholics do not understand what Politics is all about and many were convinced that it is a dirty game. Fr. Chinkanda, explained that Politics is not a dirty game but an art of running a country. It becomes dirty when it is abused. He appealed to Catholics in Malawi to first understand what it means to be a Political leader before they join politics because the church’s vision of politics is that it is a service and not a means for individuals to a mass wealth or to become powerful. Malawi will hold general elections in May next year, and the Catholic Church has started a project of sensitizing the public about their rights, stressing that during the elections, they should base their vote not on tribal affiliation or bribes given to them by politicians but on the programme presented by the candidates.


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