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Nigeria impounds six tons of illegal drugs in 2013

Police in Nigeria announced a few days ago that they had seized more than six tons of illegal drugs in the northeastern state of Borno and arrested 61 traffickers this year. They showed reporters two rooms full of confiscated drugs valued at millions of US dollars. The drugs included cocaine and marijuana. Since the beginning of 2013 Nigerian security officials have expressed concerns over drug trafficking in the country and the growth in local drug use which not only threatens the health of individuals but also security. Police officials noted that they had used several methods in tracking the criminals including manning checkpoints and raids. In one raid they arrested two men who were transporting in a lorry truck 2,900 kg of marijuana. The United Nations has praised Nigeria’s efforts in combating drug trafficking and has encouraged west African states to establish greater regional cooperation against traffickers. It is estimated that cocaine worth 1.2 billion US dollars is smuggled from Latin America into West Africa and then trafficked to Europe. The United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, said last week that West Africa is no longer just a transit point; it is becoming destination for illegal drugs with more than a million users.


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