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Archbishop of Kampala, Cyprian Lwanga, expresses concern about Promiscuity in Uganda

The Archbishop of Kampala in Uganda, His Grace Cyprian Lwanga, has released a new year’s message calling for measures against domestic violence and promiscuity in the country which he said were on the rise. He explained that domestic violence had resulted into murder, trauma, physical injuries, torture and discomfort in homes. Citing recent statistics he said promiscuity had becoming an issue of concern to the church. A recent study revealed that in the capital, Kampala, alone there were 6,500 prostitutes, 900 of whom are men. Archbishop Lwanga said the practice of promiscuity besides spreading HIV/AIDS, is likely to expose children to immorality. He condemned abortion which he described as a serious moral challenge in the country, and reiterated the Church’s position against the use of contraceptives including condoms, which he said some organisations were distributing in schools with the excuse of fighting HIV/AIDS and the prevention of unwanted pregnancies.


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