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Pope Francis invites Catholics to learn from the Faith of the Blessed Virgin Mary

On Wednesday January 1st 2014, the Catholic Church celebrated the feast of Mary Mother of God and the World Day for Peace. Pope Francis presided over holy mass at St. Peter’s Basilica. In his homily he called upon the faithful to learn from the faith of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Tracey McLure reports. RealAudioMP3
After Holy Mass the Holy Father led the faithful in the Angelus Prayer. Before reciting the prayer he called for building a world which becomes a community of brothers who respect each other, accept each other’s differences, and take care of each other. Christopher Wells reports. RealAudioMP3

On Tuesday evening the Pope presided over a prayer service in St. Peter’s Basilica to thank God for his blessings in 2013 and the gift of salvation in Christ. In his homily he invited the faithful to reflect on how they had spent the past year and to ask God for forgiveness and to thank him for his patience and love. He stressed that that the quality of life in a community depends on everyone, and therefore, the new year 2014 will be brighter only if all people in their communities get involved and work together to solve local problems with generosity and love.
Pope Francis was elected head of the universal Catholic Church on 13th March 2013. In the following report Sean Lovett examines some of the major events of the pope in the year we have just ended, 2013. RealAudioMP3


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