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UN reinforces its Mission in South Sudan

In other developments in South Sudan, the United Nations has reinforced its Mission in the country with an increase in police and military presence, logistics support and a beefed up selected number of civilian staff. UNMISS Public Information Officer Joe Contreras on Saturday said that the priority areas for reinforcements would be Bor, Malakal, Bentiu and Juba to enable the Mission protect civilians. He explained that some reinforcements already arrived, while additional aircrafts are expected to arrive in the coming week, and would help transport essential supplies to troops and civilians. Mr Contreras said that UN raised nearly 100 million US Dollars and was using the money to bring in additional supplies and staff to respond to the evolving situation. He added that the Mission continues to monitor the situation on the ground. He dismissed media reports that the United Nations said “the rebels were advancing to Juba”, saying no UN official made such a statement to the press.


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