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The Catholic Faithful in the Catholic Archdiocese of Arusha, Tanzania, targeted again by Fundamentalists

Reports from Tanzania say six people were injured on December 31st when attackers, who are still at large, threw grenades at the faithful as they were leaving church after celebrating holy mass. The incident took place at Saint Karoli Lwanga parish church in the Kisangani area of Arusha town. The attack came eight months after a bomb attack at another catholic church in Arusha in which three people were killed and sixty were wounded. The Archbishop of Arusha catholic diocese, His Grace, Josephat Lebulu, has called on the government to investigate the attack, and also expressed concerns at the silence of the police about the incident. Christians in Tanzania have increasingly become targets of Islamic radicals in recent months who have warned of intensified attacks on the followers of Christ and their places of worship.


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