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Archbishops Lukudu and Deng pray for peace in South Sudan

The Catholic Archbishop of Juba Paolino Lokudu Loro has invited the faithful and people of goodwill for a three-day prayers for peace and reconciliation in South Sudan. Archbishop Lokudu Loro will on Thursday preside over Eucharistic celebration at St Theresa’s Cathedral. The mass will be preceeded by a procession from the Assumption Chapel in Kalibala, next to Albino Bridge. And according the Secretary General of the Archdiocese Gabriel Asida the three-day prayers started in all parishes in front of the Blessed Sacrament on Tuesday and continued on Wednesday.
In other efforts for peace, Archbishop Daniel Deng Bul of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan and Sudan or ECSSS on Tuesday urged the warring groups in the country to end all hostilities. Archbishop Deng said the two parties can disagree on politics but must agree to a ceasefire.He termed the war “a meaningless conflict” and expressed fear that the war would worsen if an agreement was not reached promptly. Archbishop Deng said the conflict severely damaged the credibility of every South Sudanese and reversed efforts of rebuilding the young nation. He warned that the “conflict is a power struggle” that can easily lead to another civil war in the country.


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