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Russia blocks UN condemnation of Assad for Aleppo massacre

New York City, Jan 9, 2014: Russia on Wednesday night vetoed a statement by the UN Security Council denouncing the bombing of Aleppo by the Syrian army, which caused about 700 deaths.

The draft press release proposed by the British would not have had executive value, but it could become the basis for a subsequent resolution condemning the use of Scud missiles and "barrel bombs" against the civilian population. The text presented by Great Britain in fact expresses "indignation" at the "cynical and systematic" use "of daily air strikes against the city of Aleppo, which has resulted in 700 deaths and over 3 thousand wounded".

Russia intervened asking to remove all references to Aleppo. This, a UN diplomat told AP on condition of anonymity, resulted in a watered the statement without any significant impact on the situation in Aleppo. Faced with such a position of a permanent member of the Security Council - which must be favorable - England did not pursue the proposal.

Wednesday's was Moscow's second intervention in a month to block a condemnation of Assad's air strikes.
(Source: AsiaNews)


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