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Summit to debate future of Central African Republic

The embattled president of Central African Republic, under growing pressure to resign, traveled to Chad on Wednesday for a summit with other African leaders who want to end the bloodshed that has killed more than 1,000 people in his nation.
Michel Djotodia, a former rebel leader who was thrust into the presidency of Central African Republic after his Muslim fighters captured its capital, Bangui, 10 months ago, has been widely criticized for failing to stop the inter-communal violence that exploded last month. Armed Christian fighters were behind that attack, and they have vowed to continue their battle until Djotodia steps down.Wednesday's trip marks the first time Djotodia has left the volatile country since an attempted coup in early December.
France's foreign minister said leaders from other states in Central Africa were to meet on Thursday to discuss whether Djotodia should stay on as interim president. Djotodia is the first Muslim president of a predominantly Christian country, and is accused of solidifying his hold on power with the help of mercenary fighters from Chad and Sudan. His men, collectively known as Seleka, are accused of committing scores of atrocities against civilians since seizing power in March 2013. Anger over the deteriorating situation has sparked waves of inter-communal violence.
Religious leaders and the international community have appealed for peace, and thousands of French troops and regional African peacekeepers are trying to temper the mob violence now in Central African Republic. Tensions remain high, though, and nearly 1 million people, including more than 500,000 in Bangui, the capital, alone, have fled their homes.


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