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The United Nations Security Council tells the President of South Sudan to release Political Prisoners

The United Nations Security Council has advised the President of South Sudan, Salva Kiir, to release political prisoners as a condition to end fighting between his forces and forces loyal to his former vice, Riek Machar. The advice came after peace talks between the fighting factions stalled in Addis Ababa after Kiir refused to release the prisoners. The eleven were arrested on December 15th when fighting started and were accused of plotting with Machar and others to overthrow the government. The Security Council warned neighbouring countries to refrain from meddling into the conflict in South Sudan because this may complicate the peace talks. No country was mentioned but it is known that Uganda has sent troops to South Sudan. Riek Machar said a few days ago that Uganda’s military planes had bombed his positions. After listening to some of the accused and after examining the democratic environment in South Sudan, world leaders and the United Nations have come to believe that there was no coup attempt and that the accusation was an excuse by Salva Kiir to intimidate and to arrest his political rivals. One of those accused, but still at large because of her influence in the country, is Rebecca Garang, the wife of the late leader of the ruling Sudan Peoples Liberation Movement, John Garang. She spoke to reporters on Friday in Uganda’s capital Kampala where she went to meet President Yoweri Musevni. RealAudioMP3


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