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Death causing diseases plague Sudan's South Darfur

The inhabitants of the city of Gireida in South Darfur are alarmed by the number of deaths among pregnant women. A report by the Catholic news agency, FIDES, at the weekend said the area has poor sanitary conditions Among the many diseases blamed for causing bleeding and severe anemia in especially pregnant women in Gireida are Typhoid and diarrhea.
Local health authorities have told the media, including Radio Dabanga that in Gireida alone, the mortality rate ranges from one to three people per month. In the hospital there is one doctor for 300 thousand people. Every day 30 to 40 visits are carried out. Because of the high costs, it is difficult to transport a patient from Gireida to Nyala, where it is easier to rent cars and other services, such as a midwife or a nurse.


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