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Egyptians vote in a Referendum on the new Constitution

The people of Egypt started voting on Tuesday in a two-day referendum on the new constitution. The new constitution aims at replacing the one passed when Mohammed Morsi was president. Morsi’s government was accused of passing the constitution without involving all the stake holders, especially minority groups. Days before the voting, the leaders of the Christians churches in the country invited the faithful to participate in the vote, calling it a duty and a responsibility. Moslem leaders also invited their faithful to turn up in big numbers to vote. A special committee was constituted after the fall of Morsi last year to gather views on the controversial articles and to draft the new constitution. The draft was handed over to the government on December 3rd last year. The approval of the new constitution is the first step before parliamentary and presidential elections are held. The referendum has been boycotted by Mohammed Morsi’s outlawed Moslem Brotherhood.


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