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Pope Francis addresses Directors and staff of Italian TV

Vatican City, 18 January 2014: Pope Francis received in audience on Saturday the Directors and staff of the Italian Television, RAI, in the Paul VI hall in the Vatican. The broadcaster was marking 90th and 60th anniversaries of its radio, and TV respectively.

Referring to the twin anniversaries of RAI, Pope Francis said that the two anniversaries provide an opportunity to reflect on the relationship that exists RAI and the Holy See in recent decades, and the value and needs of the public service.

‘Collaboration’ is the key word, said the Pope adding through the public service of RAI, the Italian people have always had access to the words and the images of the Pope and of the events of the Church in Italy. This collaboration is realized by the two bodies Vatican, viz., Vatican Radio and the Vatican Television Center.

Pope Francis recalled the many ordinary and extraordinary events covered and still cover by RAI, namely, the Second Vatican Council, the election of popes, or the funeral of Blessed John Paul II, the Jubilee of 2000, various celebrations, as well as the Pope's pastoral visits in Italy.

The fifties and sixties were a time of great growth and development for the RAI, recalled the Pontiff, saying it is important to remember a few steps when RAI broadcast covered not only the whole country, but also it trained leaders abroad, and finally, increased production, including those of a religious nature. He cited examples listing the production of the films of Liliana Cavani's Francesco in 1966, and the Acts of the Apostles by Roberto Rossellini in 1969, the latter in collaboration with Carlo Maria Martini.

The memory of a past full of achievements is calling us to a renewed sense of responsibility for today and for tomorrow, the Pope said. He reminded them that their job is formative, and it is a public service, a service for the common good. You are part of a company that produces culture and education, provides information and entertainment. Hence the ethical quality of communication respecting people, both those who are the subject of information, and recipients of the message.

Pope Francis reminded them that they are called to be vigilant to maintain a high level of ethical communication, and to put faith and hope in their work.

Prior to meeting with Pope Francis, the TV personals attended Mass in the same venue, Presided by Cardinal Angelo Comastri, Vicar General for the Vatican City.
Source: VR Sedoc


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