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The National Transition Council of the Central African Republic set to elect interim President on Monday

The National Transition Council of the Central African Republic is set to begin the process of electing the interim President this Monday, January 20th. The new leader will replace Michel Djotodjia who was forced to resign by regional leaders ten days ago after failing to handle his Seleka troops who have been committing atrocities against the Civilian population since March last year. The National Transition Council has set the following guidelines for anyone who wants to contest for the office of president. The candidate should not be a member of the National Transition Council, should not be a leader of a political party, should not be a serving military officer, should not have held office during the term of Djotodia, should not have been charged with corruption, should not be a member of any militia group and should not have participated in rebel movements in the last 20 years. He or she should be a citizen of the country age 35 years old and above. Each candidate must pay a sum of 3,500 Euro for registration. The money is not refundable once paid. The name of the successful candidate will be submitted to the International workgroup on the Central African Republic for approval. After being sworn in he or she will appoint a prime minister who will form a government of national unity.


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