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Pope meets Italian police Inspectorate for Public Security at the Vatican

January 20, 2014 - In Rome’s St. Peter’s Square, one needs a reasonable but careful supervision. This was the advice of Pope Francis to the Italian police belonging to the Inspectorate for Public Security at the Vatican, who paid him a visit on Monday. He said, “We all are aware of the need to maintain the peculiarity of this singular place, preserving its sacred and universal character.” The Inspectorate for Public Security at the Vatican was established in 1929 when the Vatican and the Italian government signed the Lateran Pacts formally recognizing the Vatican's independence. Since the Vatican is surrounded by Italian territory, the agreement allowed Italian police to provide for the Pope's security when he leaves Vatican City. The Italian police guarantee and coordinate all armed escort for the Pope, some top Vatican officials and important heads of state every time they leave or head to the Vatican. The Inspectorate for Public Security also provides security and law enforcement in St. Peter's Square and the entrance area of the Vatican Museums. Pope Francis noted that in St. Peter’s Square people move about in serenity and tranquillity in an atmosphere of peace. This he said is also because of the police who maintain order. Their work, he said, calls for technical and professional preparation, along with attentive supervision, kindness and dedication. Pilgrims, tourists and those working in the Vatican can bank on their cordial assistance, the Pope said, specially thanking them for their “efficient work during the days leading up to the Conclave” in March last year, following the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. The Pope wished that members of the Inspectorate for Public Security that their service in the Vatican be an opportunity to grow in faith which he said was the most precious treasure of their families. He said it is very important to rediscover the Gospel message nurture it in their conscience and in daily life, witnessing with love to the love of God in every situation, including at work with to it with courage


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