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A special day with Pope Francis

(Vatican Radio) At the end of his two week internship with Vatican Radio's English Programme, Michael Gannon met Pope Francis at his weekly general audience on Wednesday January 22nd

Hello to one and all, my name is Michael Gannon and I want to tell you about my special day here in the Vatican. To be here is an honour and I am so lucky and proud of the fact that I am meeting someone who is very special to the world. I met him in St Peters square on Wednesday.

On Tuesday evening I did some meditation so that I could sleep well and be ready to meet the Pope. When I woke up in the morning I was calm, but also a small bit nervous, thinking about the day and what I would say to the Pope.

Myself and my parents arrived at about 8 am and found our seats. I got a bit nervous sitting and looking at all the people. When the pope arrived in the pope mobile the crowds began to cheer. I felt relieved when I saw him. The day could finally begin. I saw the Papal guards and I was relieved it was finally happening. After his tour of the crowd he came up on the altar and I got a good look at him.

After the audience it began to rain heavily and I felt uneasy because I though he might go inside. But he did not. He spent some time with the sick people and spent time talking with them. The rain stopped as he was approaching us. We had to move from our seats to stand in front of the main entrance of St Peter. I watched as he made his way towards us. And I was thinking about what I would say to the pope. He spoke to my mother first, then me and he gave me a blessing on my forehead. I felt at ease. I said my few words, then my father spoke to the pope and he moved on to the next person. I was very happy and felt really emotional. I knew that I am very lucky person to get an opportunity like this to happen for my parents and myself.

Michael Gannon signing off

Listen to Michael's reflection: RealAudioMP3


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