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Pope tweets on Christian Unity

Vatican City, 28 January 2014: In a post on the social media on Tuesday, Pope Francis invited all to pray for Christian unity. The Pontiff wrote on his Twitter account @pontifex: “Let us pray for Christian unity. There are so many beautiful things which unite us.”

Pope Francis has often spoken about Christian unity especially in recent times when the Church observed the week of prayer for Christian unity. He has said that a divided church is a scandal to the world and has invited all to work for unity.

The Pope has now close to 11 million followers on his Twitter account @Pontifex. And the re-tweeting of Pope’s message is reported to be reaching at least 60 million people. The Pope’s English-language handle alone has over 3 million followers. The papal tweets are published in nine languages on the micro-blogging website.
Source: VR Sedoc


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