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Catholics in Bangladesh demand justice in Magistrte’s murder case

Feb.05,2014: In Bangladesh, hundreds of Catholics, including four priests, demonstrated on Tuesday calling for an impartial investigation into the murder of Ovidio Marandy, a member of the Santal tribe who was killed on 11 January. They also asked for a proper trial for those responsible for his death. Organised by the Adibashi (Tribal) Cultural Academy, the protest was held in Ghoraghat, Dinajpur District. The 32-year-old man was a Catholic magistrate, the younger brother of Fr Samson Marandy, a priest from the diocese of Dinajpur. "We want a real investigation into what happened to my brother," the clergyman said. At the end of the rally, participants handed a memorandum to the local government office, calling on the authorities to ensure that the victim will receive justice. Too many obscure points still cloud Ovidio's death.
According to people close to him, he was murdered in a revenge attack by Islamic fundamentalists. On 11 January, he was riding his motorbike from Gobindoganj to Gaibanda, in northern Bangladesh. He was later found dead on the side of the road.
On 5 January, when the country went to the poll to elect a new government, Islamists attacked and burnt several homes in Beneedwar Parish. On that occasion, the dead man reported the incident to police and led law enforcement agents to the site of the event. With other members of the community, he also protested against the attack.
Source: AsiaNews


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