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Nepal thanks Jesuits' contribution to education

Feb.05,2014: Nepal has thanked the Jesuits for their contribution to education in the country. As the Hindu community on Tuesday celebrated Shree Panchami, the day of wisdom and knowledge dedicated to goddess Saraswati, government experts and officials thanked Catholic clergymen and institutions for their contribution to the education of young Nepalis. They said "All young people would like to study with the Jesuits." Professor Manaprasad Wagle, a veteran educator, told AsiaNews, that Hindus celebrate Saraswati in accordance with tradition but the history of the country shows that the Jesuits and their schools have pioneered international standard of education in Nepal. "We have to thank them," he added because they incorporated Oxford standard courses in the curriculum, improving students' knowledge and wisdom and for more than 60 years, they have improved the quality of education. The Education Ministry spokesperson Mahasram Sharma agreed and thanked the Catholic community and the Jesuits.
Jesuit Fr Thomas Augustine, dean at St Francis Xavier College in Kathmandu was happy about this recognition. He said "Anything that improves man, improves the world and his soul. In view of this, we shall continue to serve in this nation with all that is necessary."


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