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Christian NGO donates 20 water tanks to Buddhist village in Sri Lanka

February 14, 2014 - A German Christian association has provided a Buddhist village in southern Sri Lanka with 20 tanks to store water because of a drought expected to strike in March. The German association Arbeitskreis Sri Lanka eV Muenster undertook the initiative in cooperation with the Sisters of the Holy Family, who for some years have been helping the people of Mullagasyaya village in Embilipitiya District. In 2009, the nuns were instrumental in setting up Diriya Kaantha Ekathuwa, a local women's collective. Some women of the village told AsiaNews agency the initiative something “priceless" which will help them to survive. Some 85 Buddhist families live by growing rice, vegetables and grain. Every year, however, when the dry season arrives, water is a problem. Lutz Loeher the president of Arbeitskreis Sri Lanka eV Muenster became aware of the water problem during a recent visit to the village and decided to help the residents.


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