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Syria talks enter final Day, deadlock continues

Geneva, 15 February 2014: As the second round of talks enter their final day, efforts are on to break a deadlock between Syrian government and rebel negotiators in Geneva. As a last effort, Lakhdar Brahimi appealed to the United States and Russia to intervene to unblock negotiations in Geneva.
The only thing on which everyone agrees, in fact, is the inability to reach an agreement. At the Geneva 2 talks, both the government and the Syrian opposition continue in their differing views on how to end the conflict. The first, continues to insist on the need to stop the terrorists, while the other calls for a regime change.

Mutual accusations continue in Geneva, violence continues on the ground. In Aleppo a car bomb exploded outside the hotel Carlton killing five soldiers. Several sources claim that in the North, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant has executed 21 people. Another car bomb exploded near a mosque in the village of Yahuda, in the south.
And while the bombing continued for several days in the area of Qalamoun , on the border with Lebanon , near the country 's new refugee emergency . Another 2700 people have moved toward the border.

UN estimates say a total of 9 million people are in need of some form of assistance in Syria, while as many as 3 million others have been driven to flee the country. Debate in the UN Security Council has made a new resolution on the crisis thus far elusive.
Source: Varie

Joseph Paimpallikunnal


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