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Pope Francis visits a Roman Parish on the outskirts of Rome, on Sunday

The Holy Father on Sunday afternoon made a pastoral visit to the Roman parish of Saint Thomas the apostle, in inferneto, on the outskirts of south Rome. Pope Francis left the Vatican around 1500 and was received by the faithful of the parish just about 15:45. Upon arrival Francis met with the children doing catechism lessons for both communion and confirmation, and the that have been baptized in the course of last year. Other groups received by Pope Francis were the aged, the sick and the handicapped and a group of people that belong to an association of families with handicapped children, also known as “HAPPY-TIME”. And just before celebrating the holy mass with the parishioners of Saint Thomas the apostle, Pope Francis took some time hearing confessions from some of the penitents.
Don Antonio d’Errico, the parish priest of Saint Thomas parish, in his letter announcing the visit of Pope Francis, to the parishioners said the visit of the holy father will go a long way in strengthening the people and encouraging them on their journey towards the celebration of 50 years since the institution of the parish in infernetto. We shall hear more about the holy father’s pastoral visit to this Roman parish of Saint Thomas the apostle in our next programme.


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