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UN Independent expert on minority issues, Rita Izsák,to visit Nigeria soon

United Nations Independent Expert on minority issues, Rita Izsák, will carry out her first official visit to Nigeria between 17 to 28 February 2014. The aim of the visit is to examine the situation of ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities. Speaking at the UN HQ recently, Izsàk stated that “Nigeria is a richly diverse country which hosts a great variety of minority groups. While it has well documented problems associated with that diversity that require attention and solutions, Nigeria is also one of Africa’s most dynamic and vibrant societies with much to share that is positive.”
The UN Human Rights Council’s Expert explained She said her visit will allow her to better understand the root causes of challenges involving minorities and tensions between communities in some locations, which frequently lie in factors beyond ethnicity or religion alone”. Ms. Izsák, who visits Nigeria at the invitation of the Government, will travel to Abuja and to other localities including Plateau State and Rivers State. She will meet with government and UN officials, a wide range of civil society and human rights organizations and other non-State actors. She will also visit minority communities to hear directly from them about their issues and concerns.
Ms Izsák said that this visit is a timely and essential opportunity for her to engage with all actors, to consider the current challenges, but also to identify positive initiatives being taken by the government, civil society and community leaders, to foster unity, interfaith dialogue, peace and understanding among groups”.
Following her visit, the Independent Expert will present a report containing her findings and recommendations to the Government and the UN Human Rights Council.


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