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The Catholic Bishops of Namibia call for free and fair elections in view of the General Elections scheduled for November this Year

The Catholic Bishops Conference of Namibia, has issued a communique calling upon Namibian voters to register in view of the general elections scheduled for November this year. In the communique the bishops call upon the country’s Electoral Commission to undertake an intensive voter education campaign to familiarize voters with the new voting system, stressing that all voters must be informed about the contents of the ballot papers. They ask the electoral commission to publish a voters register prior to the elections so as to ensure transparency. They appeal to political parties to observe a strict code of conduct and exercise political maturity and tolerance during the campaigns. In the same manner, the bishops remind political parties to be good winners and good losers, by accepting the outcome of the elections. They appeal to government to guarantee political parties access to the public and private media so that they can explain their manifestos to the voters. Similarly the political parties should have the right to monitor the electoral process on Election Day.


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