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SOUTH SUDAN - IGAD mediators condemn fresh clashes, as Tanzania encorages negotiation

The Inter-Governmental Authority on Development or IGAD special envoys condemned fresh clashes between the government and SPLM/A in opposition. Seyoum Mesfin of Ethiopia and Lazarus Sumbeiywo of Kenya warned in a statement that the new attacks would undermine the ongoing mediation process and worsen the suffering of South Sudanese. They expressed serious concerns over reports of ongoing clashes in various locations across Upper Nile, Jonglei, Warrap and Unity states. The statement said the fresh clashes which begun on Tuesday was in violation of the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement signed by both parties. The envoys strongly urged the parties to immediately adhere to the agreement and continue with their strong commitment to peace process. IGAD top officials said the crisis in South Sudan could not be resolved by military means, but through a political dialogue.
Meantime, Tanzania appealed to South Sudan conflicting parties to lay down arms and negotiate towards a permanent peaceful resolution. Foreign Minister Bernard Membe on Thursday said Tanzania would send peacekeepers through United Nations to South Sudan, Tanzania Daily News reported. He added that "we must be in the frontline in ensuring that we help our neighbours also to live peacefully”.
The Foreign Minister explained that it was the superiority of their military that attracted UN's attention, compelling the international body to seek Tanzanian support.
Mr Membe said Tanzania's readiness to contribute troops to troubled zones and performing mediation roles in regional conflicts are some factors that enabled the Africa Union to re-elect the country to the Peace and Security Council.


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