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Jesus does not leave us alone, to follow him is to have a home: Pope

Vatican City, 24 February 2014: Jesus does not leave us alone in the street. Following Jesus means is to stay at home, the Church. Pope Francis made these observations on Monday morning during Mass he celebrated in the chapel of Casa Santa Marta residence in the Vatican.
A boy overcame with seizures, rolls on the ground, foaming, in the middle of a shocked crowd. And his father clings to Jesus, begging him to rescue his son from demonic possession. This story narrated in today's Gospel was the focus Pope’s reflections. Jesus, moved with compassion, seeing the faith of the Father, drives the spirit out and help him to his feet.

Pope Francis went on to explain that such gestures are found throughout the Gospels: from the resurrection of Lazarus; to the raising of the daughter of Jairus or of the widow’s son – as well as the lost sheep returned to the fold or the lost coin recovered by the woman. “Jesus,” said Pope Francis, “always makes sure we get safely home. He never leaves us alone along the way.”

Jesus always forgives, and his forgiveness become “revolutionary” or “inexplicable” when they reach those who are too far gone, like Matthew the tax collector or his colleague, Zacheus. Christ’s healing acts always lead people “home” – and thus it is impossible to understand Jesus without the People of God. “It is,” he said, “an absurdity to love Christ without the Church, to feel Christ but not the Church, to follow Christ from the outskirts of the Church.” “Christ and the Church are united,” he said. “Whenever Christ calls a person, He brings that person to the Church.”
The Pontiff reaffirmed what was said by Pope Paul VI: "Christ and the Church are united." Following Christ is not an idea, but a continuous stay at home, concluded Pope Francis.Source: VR Sedoc

Joseph Paimpallikunnal


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