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Pope Receives the President of Haiti, Michel Martelly

Vatican City, 24 February 2014: Pope Francis received in audience on Monday morning in the Vatican, Michel Joseph Martelly, the President of the Republic of Haiti. He subsequently went on to meet with Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin, accompanied by Archbishop Dominique Mamberti, secretary for Relations with States.

According to a Vatican communique, during the cordial discussions, satisfaction was expressed for the good relations that exists between Haiti and the Holy See. Both the parties focused in particular on the precious contribution made by the Church in the country, especially in the fields of education and healthcare, as well as in charitable sectors. Mention was also made of the importance of continuing efforts for the rebuilding of the country, and for promoting sincere dialogue between various institutions for reconciliation and the common good, both domestically and at an international level.

The President was accompanied by his wife and an entourage.Source: VR Sedoc

Joseph Paimpallikunnal


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