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Pope Sends Message to SIGNIS World Congress 2014

Brussels, 24 February 2014: Pope Francis addressed a message of blessing and encouragement to the participants of the SIGNIS World Congress 2014 on the theme "Media for a Culture of peace: Creating Images with the New Generation" that will open in Rome on 25 February.
In his message to the Congress dated 24 January, Pope Francis declared his satisfaction that “the Congress will reflect on the communicative power of the images which through the mass media are expressing and shaping the experiences, hopes and concerns of rising generations”.
“In a globalized world in which new cultures, with new languages and symbols, are constantly being born, and a new common imagination is emerging,” continued the Pope, “Catholic communicators are increasingly challenged to present the wisdom, truth and beauty of the Gospel in a language capable of touching the minds and hearts of countless people who thirst for meaning and direction in their lives as individuals and as members of society.”
The Pope expressed his confidence that “these days of discussion will offer the participants in the Congress fresh inspiration, encouragement and purpose in their efforts to respond to this exciting and demanding task.”Source: VR Sedoc

Joseph Paimpallikunnal


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