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Cardinal Emmanuel Wamala condemns Domestic Violence in Uganda

The retired archbishop of Kampala in Uganda, Cardinal Emmanuel Wamala has called upon the government to do more to fight domestic violence in the country. He made the call last Thursday during the launch of a model for culturally sensitive counselling in central Uganda as a way to curb domestic violence. The government of Uganda passed a law against domestic violence in 2010, but Cardinal Wamala said the act had not been enforced. He noted that sexual and physical violence against women is widespread in the country, and cited a 2006 study which found that 60% of Ugandan women experienced domestic violence and in certain areas like Eastern Uganda the percentage went up to ever 70%. Half of these women, he said, experienced violence from their husbands within the home. The cardinal explained that domestic violence is an abuse of human dignity and of human rights. Its existence distorts the image of God that exists in every human being. He reiterated the Catholic Church’s commitment to promote and defend human dignity and human rights through the promotion of violence-free families. The function was attended by the Anglican Archbishop of Uganda, Stanley Ntagali, and other religious leaders.


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