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Israel says it is succeeding in convincing African Migrants to voluntarily leave the Country

Israel has released figures showing that the number of African migrants choosing to accept voluntary repatriation to their home countries or to be transferred to other nations has steadily increased since an amendment to the law against infiltration was passed in December last year. So far more than two thousand migrants have left the country since the beginning of this year. Most of the African migrants in Israel are from Eritrea, Sudan and Ethiopia. Since the amendment of the law they have staged many demonstrations to protest against it. Sister Azezet Kidane is an Eritrean Comboni nun residing in Jerusalem. She is a nurse by profession and one of the leading human rights defenders in the country. She spoke to Susie Hodges about the suffering the migrants go through to reach Israel and the challenges they face when they arrive in the country. RealAudioMP3


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