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200 priests visit Mexico’s prisons to bring hope and encouragement

March 05,2014: On Ash Wednesday( March 5th), the beginning of Lent, about 200 priests will visit Mexico’s prisons in the state of Nuevo Leon, for a celebration that will include the imposition of ashes to prisoners. Archbishop Rogelio Cabrera Lopez, of Monterrey said one group will visit Topo Chico prison, another the Apodaca prison, and still another the prisons of Cadereyta . "We want to help everyone with this gesture in order to bring a word of hope and encouragement to our brothers in prisons", explained Archbishop Cabrera. In addition, prisoners will be given the opportunity to confess if they want to, he added. The work of the Catholic Church in Mexican prisons has become a major challenge in a society that unfortunately continues to experience violence. The Church intervened decisively when the issue of prisons in the country arose.
Source: Fides


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