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Christians continue to be persecuted in many Countries around the World

The Catholic Charity, Aid to the Church in Need, has published a report with the title: Persecuted and Forgotten, in which it provides in-depth analysis of the situation Christians face in 30 countries where believers, in one way or another, are not free to practice their faith. In the past two years violence and intimidation targeting Christians have increased in a number of nations. The report notes that radical Islam remains one of the threats to Christianity. The objectives of radical Islam include the subordination and eradication of the Christian religion. Well-funded and politically well-connected radical groups have access to sophisticated weapons which they use to attack Christians and to damage their places of worship. Attacks have been witnessed in several middle east countries and are increasingly becoming common in some African countries including Nigeria, Mali, the Central African Republic and Tanzania. In Asia attacks against Christians have taken place in India, Pakistan and elsewhere on the Asian subcontinent. The report concludes with a note that communist countries have renewed efforts to crack down on Christians, more for their perceived links to the West and dissident groups, than for their beliefs per se. In North Korea, for example, formal religious activity is highly monitored. China has reasserted its authority over Christian groups, especially those not formally sanctioned by the government. Vietnam has continued to impose serious restrictions on Christians. The situation has improved slightly in Laos and Cuba, although significant problems remain there as well.


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