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Mozambican Refugees stranded in Malawi

Reports from Malawi say over two thousand Mozambicans arrived in the country a few weeks ago, escaping fighting between government forces and RENAMO fighters. Unfortunately they have not yet received assistance from the Malawian government and from the United Nations Refugee agency. The government and the UN refugee agency disagreed over whether they are refugees or asylum seekers. Village elders told local media this week that they had given the refugees some land where they could build some temporary accommodation and also cultivate some food as government and the United Nation agency try to iron out their differences. One of the refugees said he and his family escaped with nothing when fighting broke out in Zobue District, in the north-western province of Tete. They walked many kilometers before they entered a village in Malawi. He and his family have no clothes, no blankets and no money to buy food and medicine. The District Commissioner of Mwanza District where most of the refugees have settled, Gift Rapozo, told reporters a few days ago that over one thousand eight hundred people had so far arrived in his district from Mozambique. These people need food and shelter quickly because the rainy season has begun.


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